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Mediumship 30 Minute Session

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What you get:

30 to 90 minute Medium Reading session.
Awesome connection with loved ones!
Answers to questions you didn't get while they were here.
An understanding of what death means to you.
Guidance from the other side from those you love who love you!

Feel FREE to take notes or record your session! (We encourage it)
Feel FREE to be yourself every step of the way! (We encourage it)
Feel FREE to ask for clarification! (We encourage it)

Priced better than most local Psychic Stores. Awesome Quality Sessions!

Session can be via phone, in person, or an easy to use Zoom connection.
Simply add a note while booking and you will be sent the connection information needed.


As psychic mediums we use all of our clairvoyant senses to communicate messages from your loved ones who have been promoted to a new state of being. Clairaudience is the ability to hear beings on other plains of existence. In this case pure universal energy and spirit. Clairsentience is the ability to sense emotions, and past, present, or future events. Claircognizance is a clear knowing of information without knowing how you know. These are three of the ways we connect with those on the other side to help you understand and resolve any issues surrounding a loved ones passing.

We help you understand both the physical and spiritual sides of healing the deep wounds left after a loved ones' promotion from this life. It is time to reconcile any unresolved questions or emotions left by the sudden departure of your friend or family member. We do not offer cheap unfulfilling medium readings. We confirm we are speaking to your loved ones by providing you with a piece of information we couldn't know about them but is so accurate you can't deny it.

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At this time Psychic Sensations is a single person business and your reader will be Cherril Babbs. See her reader page HERE.


Hours vary and are mostly evening hours M-F 6:30 pm to 10 pm. Saturday and Sunday are by appointment only so please process the payment and set the appointment using this website. The booking form will show you available time slots when setting the appointment on this website.

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