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In Person Readings

Would you like to meet in the Phoenix area for a personal one on one reading to go over any questions you have for the universe? 
Psychic Sensations Phone Reading

Phone Readings

Phone readings are fun. You don't have to be close to have a reading. We are happy to have a full reading over the phone.
Psychic Sensations Events

Parties and Events

Do you have an upcoming event and need to arrange some entertainment? We love large groups.

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Phone readings include: Psychic/Tarot | Mediumship | Soul Coaching

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Tarot Readings

Utilizing both traditional and oracle tarot cards we provide answers to your pressing questions while connecting with your energy, guides & angels, and assistance from universal spirit. We not only help you understand the issue you are going through, we help you work out how to resolve it both physically and spiritually. Where available we will give you some tips for upcoming events like speeding tickets and potential lovers. From relationship advice, career advice, spiritual advice, and general guidance we can do it all.

We offer telephone readings and one on one in person psychic readings. We do not offer "cheap" tarot readings, instead we offer honest, intuitive, spiritually enlightening readings that allow you to understand more about how to use your own senses to communicate with your team of angels and guides. We offer real Psychic readings that provide you with the guidance your soul is seeking.

Tarot Reading

30 Mins / $50 | 1 Hour / $75 | 1.5 Hours /$100 | Lower than most local Psychic Stores
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Medium Readings

As psychic mediums we use all of our clairvoyant senses to communicate messages from your loved ones who have been promoted to a new state of being. Clairaudience is the ability to hear beings on other plains of existence. In this case pure universal energy and spirit. Clairsentience is the the ability to sense emotions, and past, present, or future events. Claircognizance is a clear knowing of information without knowing how you know. These are three of the ways we connect with those on the other side to help you understand and resolve any issues surrounding a loved ones passing.

Like our tarot readings we help you understand both the physical and spiritual sides of healing the deep wounds left after a loved ones' promotion from this life. It is time to reconcile any unresolved questions or emotions left by the sudden departure of your friend or family member. We do not offer cheap unfulfilling medium readings. We confirm we are speaking to your loved ones by providing you with a piece of information we couldn't know about them but is so accurate you can't deny it.

Medium Reading

30 Mins/ $75 | 1 Hour / $100 | 1.5 Hours / $125
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Soul Coaching

Are you seeking direction and understanding in your life?
Is your soul seeking truth in your life?

Cherril is an experienced soul coach. Bringing your spiritual self and your physical self into alignment in a soul coaching session is our goal. If you have looked at the previous two service and can't decide if they are right for you, you may need a soul coaching session. During this session we do what you need in order to become closer and closer to your truest self. We answer questions and teach you how to understand what your meaning and purpose in life is. When you feel stuck, when you feel you lack the ability to make decisions, when you need guidance on what to do next, when you are ready to really make a difference in your own life take a few minutes to make and appointment and start gaining substance in your life today.

Soul Coaching Session

30 Mins / $50 | 1 Hour / $75 | 1.5 Hours /$100
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Energy Healing

From far and wide we can help you heal. Remote sessions can be done via phone or internet meeting. We use universal energy to connect with you in order to bring your energies in balance. We educate you on how to use universal energy to heal your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual essence. During remote sessions we use the same kind of energy used in quantum healing and Reiki but from afar. Energy healing can help you overcome may issues we face in the world today. To give you a brief idea of how energy works in our everyday life, when you are tired do you find yourself saying "I feel drained" or "I slept all night but don't feel rested". These are the most prominent ways we recognize when our energy centers, known as Chakras, are out of balance. This may show up as being grumpy, being sad, or just plain tired. Depending on the level of your spiritual awakening you may or may not feel physical sensations when you receive energy work. In some cases it shows up as emotion. We can answer any questions you have surrounding your energy and how to use it and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Energy Healing

1 Hour / $150 | 2 Hours / $200
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Events & Parties

Events and parties are a hoot! We love interacting with people in person. One on one is very personal while groups and parties are fun and outrageous. We take cautions with information and make sure not to share the really personal stuff in front of your friends, family, co-workers, or strangers. We love what we do and we are impeccable with our word. Whats more entertaining than magicians, musicians, ballets, sports games, and politics.... we are!!! Holidays, Birthdays (adults and children), Fundraisers, Weddings, Special Events, Business Parties, Block Parties, you name it we can do it. Contact us today to schedule your event.

Events & Parties

Event pricing varies please call 480-399-0727 for pricing specific to your needs.
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Sound Healing

Sound healing is an awesomely beautiful way of experiencing who you are and healing matters of the mind, body, and soul. We use singing bowls, chimes, bells, and tuning forks to help you hear what the universe has in store for you. Sound healing can be performed over the phone but can really be felt in person due to vibrations. If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area and would like to meet for sound healing please contact us at your convenience.


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